Baseball & Softball Action Tournament Training Series



In this in depth look at tournament youth baseball and softball tournament photography Shaun DeMint will take you step by step through the entire process that he has put together after over 10 years of experience shooting World Series tournaments. With this unique approach to the action photography game he has created a system that has brought in an average of $75 per individual action photo orders and over $500 in team photo orders per team for a tournament! Learn how to make your company look great, function correctly and make a lot of money in baseball or softball tournament photography.

In this course you will learn about:

• The right tournaments to shoot
• The right way to staff your event
• The setup that will set you apart from your competition
• Proofs vs Monitors
• How to get the right shots during the game
• How to setup your computers and printers to be successful
• The marketing materials that will bring in the big money
• How to setup your sales stations & make the big sale
• The process of Team Photos & Huddle Shots during a tournament
& Much more!


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